Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Baan Thai

55 Thảo Điền, D. 2 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3744 5453
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Baan Thai was established in 2009 in the suburban villa-area of Thảo Điền and has become a well-known restaurant and pub in Ho Chi Minh City. They provide authentic Thai cuisine, a wide selection of drinks and big screen TVs for enjoying sports.

Baan Thai
Baan Thai
Baan Thai

Best Tom Yum ever

Reviewed on 2014-03-23

Baan Thai had been my favourite Thai restaurant for a while, since 4 years ago when their Tom Yum cost only 49,000đ until today, when this same dish is now priced at 99,000đ. 100% increment in 4 years, speaks volume about the inflation in HCMC!

The Tom Yum Seafood is a must-have every time I dine in or order a delivery. The soup, with medium consistency is anabsolutely divine treat for the sensory. The perfect balance of aroma from spices and herbs, heat from chilies andlusciousnessof coconut milk, all combined with the addictive sour tang from lime juice makes it the best bowl of Tom Yum I could ever find. You may request to omit chilies and coconut milk if you prefer your tom yum less spicy and less creamy. Consisting of fresh squid rings, clams, prawns and generous amount of mushrooms, this Seafood Tom Yum tastes best with steamed rice.

They have selections of one dish meals (110,000đ) that are great if you’re dining alone. The steamed rice with a fried egg and stir-fried beef and basil leaves make a satisfying meal, although not too memorable. I can recommend the Fried Rice with Beef (90,000đ) and Papaya Salad (69,000đ), both flavourful and delicious. However, the red and green curries are too watery for my liking; theytaste more like westernized curry soup rather than the strong spicyvariation that I am used to.

Overall, the offerings in Baan Thai are of good quality and well thought out, but certain dishes may not agree to individual’s taste buds. Their waitresses are lovely, service is always efficient and orders usually arrive promptly within minutes. For the excellent service and perfect Tom Yum alone, I shall award this spot a grand 5-star!