Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Baba's Kitchen

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Baba's Kitchen is a fairly new addition to the growing number of Indian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. The man behind Baba's was formerly involved with another Indian restaurant in town and has built another popular stop for curries, samosas and lassis here.

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Baba's Kitchen
Baba's Kitchen
Baba's Kitchen

A festival of fragrant spices

Reviewed on 2014-04-17 (Updated on 2015-01-23)

If any kitchen has mastered the perfect blending of spices and herbs to create a wide spectrum of pure flavour that blows the eater's mind, it's the Indian cuisine. And the chef of Baba's Kitchen in the heart of the traveller's area is an expert in creating wonderfully spicy curries. The delightful fragrances take us on a journey to the marvels of the subcontinent, and the splendid taste expands in our mind and we forget about time and space for a little while.

Every meal is served with assorted chutneys that act as sweet or sour or bitter or spicy counterpart to what we are eating as main course. The sweet mango chutney soothes the taste buds in between mouthfuls of spicy awesomeness. Talking about spicy, if you are like me and dig spicy food - don't be shy and tell the waiter. But be careful what you wish for! If you ask for an extra spicy meal at Baba's Kitchen, they prepare it in an authentic manner. The first time even I was surprised, since I have not had really spicy food since I left China half a year ago.

This time I did not even bother to look at the menu, but asked the waiter right away for today's special. He recommended an egg curry and I tell you I am glad I asked him. It was awesome, together with rice and garlic naan (Indian bread).

I am not surprised that in India so many people are vegetarians. The flavour of Indian cuisine is so hearty and full - it easily makes you forget about your carnivorous desires.