Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Bé Chè

Chợ Bến Thành Lê Thánh Tôn, D. 1 (Stall 1154) Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 0919 201 169
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Bé Chè is a dessert stall located inside the food section of Bến Thành Market. You can choose from a variety of Vietnamese desserts such as jelly and the popular sweet soups called chè. It is a basic stall with plastic stools to sit on, but the staff speaks English.

Bé Chè
Bé Chè
Bé Chè

Convenient sweet soup spot

Reviewed on 2013-11-19 (Updated on 2014-03-27)

Chè (a.k.a. Vietnamese sweet soup) is the most popular type of dessert in Vietnam. Chè is different in the North, Central and South of Vietnam, however the Northern and Central varieties are the most popular, thus these are mainly the ones being sold in Ho Chi Minh City as well.

I love chè and its very hard for me to define which one I like the most, simply because there are so many of them. I prefer warm chè, especially the ones from Huế cooked in a Saigonese way. I frequently eat chè at many different places, but one of the top ones for me is Bé Chè inside Bến Thành Market.

Bé Chè is a popular spot for people who like to have chè as dessert during office snack hours (2-5pm), it’s a very common thing to see that people buy chè here to take away after lunch. Once my mom, who cooks very well, told me that a good chè depends on its coconut milk, and Bé Chè is famous for their coconut milk. 

I usually have two bowls of chè when I go to Bé Chè. Sương sa hột lựu which contains different kinds of jelly, white beans, smashed green beans, coconut milk and ice is my must have. This time I also had chè trôi nước which is an elegant chè I would say, it contains white rice flour that is made into balls in thick coconut milk and ginger.

The Bè Chè lady is a friendly, service minded lady and she can speak English quite well. A chè at Bé Chè will cost you around 15,000đ – 20,000đ, which I find it’s a bit more expensive than the average, but totally worth it.