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Big C

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Big C is a chain of enormous supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City. The chain was founded in Thailand with its headquarters in Bangkok, and their supermarkets can now be found in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The supermarkets are so large that they are often called hypermarkets or supercenters. 

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Big C
Big C

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Reviewed on 2014-03-07 (Updated on 2018-11-16)

As a resident of District 2, one of the biggest inconveniences here is the lack of a good proper supermarket with fresh daily supplies that don’t cost an arm and a leg. For years, Metro the German hypermart had enjoyed the monopoly in this area, so the opening of Big C Supermarket at the basement level of Cantavil Premier is a breath fresh air.

Big C AnPhu opens from 7.30am daily and it can get pretty crowded by 9am. This may not be a very big supermarket, but the variety of products and goods are extensive while the qualities are commendable. Fresh fruits and vegetables are stocked daily, and the packages of VietGAP (Vietnam Good Agricultural Practices) certified leafy greens are my usual must-buy. Prices here are really reasonable although not the cheapest, if say compared to Co-op Mart Nguyen DinhChieu in District 3.

The delicatessen is probably the most popular section. Serving a wide range of food prepared fresh everyday, you can find fried chicken, roast pork, mixed rice, salad, spaghetti bolognaise, local desserts, kimbap, sashimi, sushi and more, all priced very economically. It’s also great to note that all the deli workers wear masks and caps for hygiene purposes.

Big C has all the supermarket essentials; from fresh produce to seafood, poultry, dairy, frozen/ canned/ processed food, bakery, toiletries, household items, and even toys, clothes and stationeries. The one thing they can improve on is to open more checkout counters during peak hours, as queues are usually long and time consuming. Additionally, the rule that requires customers to store their bags at the bag deposit counter next to the entrance is also a bit of a hassle.