Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Black Cat

13 Phan Văn Đạt, D. 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3829 2055
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Black Cat is one of the most well-known Western restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. It was featured on CNN.com as a must try due to having the largest burger in Vietnam. They also offer fruit smoothies, Mexican food, pizza, sandwiches and Vietnamese food.

Black Cat
Black Cat
Black Cat

At night all cats are black

Reviewed on 2014-04-28 (Updated on 2014-06-14)

Next to the roundabout, a few steps along Phan Văn Đạt, there is the unobtrusive entrance of Black Cat. I have a thing for black cats in general, so I was hoping for a pleasant surprise and I must say, they almost got it right, almost. The restaurant itself is quite stylish, with photo-wallpapers and an interesting interior. The music is tasteful and calm, the staff is friendly, but the air condition is quite frosty.

Black Cat is famous for their hamburgers, so of course, that's what I ordered. Not the giant burgers though. A mushroom burger with fries to be precisely. Medium. Yes, they ask how you want the burger, which gives the place a touch of professionalism. As I didn't order a drink, I got a glass of water with ice for free.

The burger was salty and peppery, with a variety of mushrooms, some kind of BBQ sauce and real cheese on top. I already have two favourite burger places and the Black Cat's burger comes pretty close to be the third, but not quite.

The reason is not the taste, which is perfectly medium and none of the usual nonsense like mayonnaise or ketchup in the burger. Very original taste, but it lacks love.

You know, I am a sucker for small salad garnishments, a little red, a little green and stuff like that. Especially for 155.000đ, plus the nonsense they pulled off with adding 10% on the bill (you know I hate that practice) so the burger and a hand full of fries cost me around 170.000đ. I definitely can expect a small salad or something for that price.

It is the free water however, as well as the subtle joke about westerners at the staircase (maybe it's unintentional and just me who sees it as a lovely joke about my/our height, but go there and take a look yourself) saves the Black Cat the 4th star.

Update: Recently I went to the Black Cat again, to meet a friend. And while I was waiting for her, an American lady enthusiastically recommended the pulled pork. Being European, I had no no clue about pulled pork, so I ordered it out of curiosity - and I can only say it was absolutely delicious! So that's my recommendation - pulled pork.