Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Bò Tùng Xẻo

31 Lý Tự Trọng, D. 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3825 1330
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Bò Tùng Xẻo is an affordable and very popular Vietnamese BBQ restaurant in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The popularity is due to a reputation for excellent service in both English and Vietnamese. You can go for traditional grilled dishes or something more exotic such as crocodile.

Bò Tùng Xẻo
Bò Tùng Xẻo
Bò Tùng Xẻo


Reviewed on 2014-06-20 (Updated on 2018-01-03)

Excuse me sir, there is a cricket in my salad.

No, first calm down, you don't have to order insects here. At Bò Tùng Xẻo you can - of course - also order normal dishes like beef, chicken, goat breast, squid or crocodile. But the fact that I always wanted to try insects and arthropods, led me to today's lunch which consisted of 10 crickets and a forest scorpion. Deep fried, on a bed of salad, onions and garlic. They came with a salt-pepper-lime sauce that appears to be popular in Vietnamese barbecue restaurants.

Honestly, I am happy that I tried these adventurous dishes, but it is not to be repeated. Crickets as well as the scorpion tasted basically of nothing and did not contain much meat at all. However, that's the cricket's fault and not the restaurant's. The restaurant itself is one big hall with an open front and lots of uniform tables.

However, the service personnel was nice and since I passed by several times before in the evening, I know that it gets very crowded there and people obviously love it. I will return with friends, because this kind of barbecue is nice in a group with several different dishes to share. The crickets had cost me 120.000đ, the fried scorpion 30.000đ. I had the usual Vietnamese iced tea for 5000đ and for the peanuts I did not order, they charged 10.000đ.

I am unsure how to rate Bò Tùng Xẻo. Usually the bland feeding-hall style and the thing with the peanuts would make no more than 3 stars. However the adventurous menu with the unique dishes makes up for that. So it's 4 stars for now, until we return and seriously try the food there.