Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Boat House

36 Thảo Điền, D. 2 (APSC compound) Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 6281 9182
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Boat House is a Western restaurant and bar in the suburban area Thảo Điền, Ho Chi Minh City. It is located inside a gated villa compound right on the Saigon river and serves international food and drinks. The large outside deck offers a good view of the river.

Boat House
Boat House
Boat House

Tranquil dining on the riverbanks

Reviewed on 2014-03-09 (Updated on 2016-02-28)

Boat House may not have the best food and services around, but it’s hard to rival their location inside one of HCMC’s poshest neighbourhood, where diplomats and MNC corporate leaders reside. Capitalizing on the beautiful settings of Saigon River, this spot is an entire universe away from the typical downtown madness - a perfect place to relax and rewind amidst the open spaces and lush greeneries.

I was here a couple of days ago for some light lunch to kill some time, and was presented with two separate menus for F&B. Strangely, the food menu was titled “Tet Menu” even though Tet was long gone and done with. There was a considerable lunchtime crowd, but the waitress was attentive enough. I had a Classic Caesar Salad (135,000đ) and a Fresh Coconut (35,000đ), which arrived within 10 minutes of ordering.

The coconut was perfect; sweet juice and tender flesh, worth the money paid for considering you can get fresh coconuts for as low as 8,000đ in Vietnam! The Caesar Salad on the other hand, was mediocre and unmemorable. It came with a poached egg that was nicely done and lots of of cheese, but the greasy and soggy bacon pieces were disappointing, as was the dressing that’s too salty. Free glasses of plain water were usually served to guests, but today it was served only upon request despite the scorching weather.

You may not want to come Boat House for its food, but do come here for its enticing atmosphere. Their drinks are not bad, and make the perfect companion as you leisurely watch life passing by Saigon River. First timer can request to register for free membership card that gives 10% discount of the total bill.