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Clothes, shoes and accessories of all kinds can be found in the modern shopping malls, small fashionable boutiques and the local markets. Everything from imported Versace products to locally produced souvenirs are on sale, there is something for everyone, bargain hunters and shopaholics alike.

Spots in this category
L'Usine L'Usine Several Locations A creative mix between a coffee shop and design/fashion store. Dogma Fashion Boutique Dogma Fashion Boutique 43 Tôn Thất Thiệp, D. 1 A popular shop for propaganda poster reproductions & clothes. Levi's Store Levi's Store Several Locations The American brand which created the first blue jeans. Adidas Adidas Several Locations Adidas the German super brand for sport products. Ipa-Nima Ipa-Nima Several Locations Fashion brand focused on handbags from Vietnam/Hong Kong. Vans Vans Several Locations American shoe maker and sneaker brand Vans. Mango Mango Several Locations Spanish female fashion giant Mango. Valenciani Valenciani 65 Lê Lợi, D. 1 A trendy fashion shop in the city center. Cincinnati Cincinnati 78A Đồng Khởi, D. 1 A shop for fashion accessories. Cashew Cashew Several Locations A chain of Vietnamese fashion shops for women. Lam Boutique Lam Boutique Several Locations A Vietnamese fashion shop for women making their own clothes. Urbanista Urbanista 42 Bis Lý Tự Trọng, D. 1 A branch of Urbanista the fashionable urban wear stores. Umbrella Umbrella Several Locations Fashion clothing chain selling items from local designers. KIWI KIWI 74C Hai Bà Trưng, D. 1 A Vietnamese fashion shop for classic casual fashion. MIKI MIKI Several Locations A Vietnamese fashion shop chain for young women. Papaya Papaya 232 Bùi Viện, D. 1 A T-shirt store selling original prints in the backpacker area. Converse Converse Several Locations An American shoe company founded in 1908. Ninh Khương Ninh Khương Several Locations Vietnamese chain for stylish baby clothing. Sống Sống Several Locations Vietnamese luxury bohemian style fashion store. Bò Sữa Bò Sữa Several Locations Vietnamese funky t-shirt and street wear chain.