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Pizza Hut is a large American pizza restaurant chain. It mainly offers thick crust pizzas, also known as pan pizzas, but have extended their menu to include a variety of Western food including pastas and salads. In Ho Chi Minh City there are a few branches.

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Reviewed on 2014-03-16 (Updated on 2016-04-13)

Today, a pizza felt like the necessary cuisine for lunch. I wanted take away so I could dine in front of the TV whilst gorging. The Pizza Hut on the corner of Đề Thám & Trần Hưng Đạo was the chosen venue. The special here is any ‘personal’ pan pizza & either a choice of soup or a can of Cola.

I made my decisions & relayed my order to a very bright & cheerful young lady. I selected a super supreme with the soup, which was described as vegetable. This came at the special price of 69,000đ and I was told to wait 10 minutes. Sure enough, like clockwork, the pizza appeared 10 minutes later carried by a young man with a huge, contagious grin repeating the words ‘pizza sir’. However, his huge smile soon vanished when it dawned on him that they did not have the soup ready. This was no big deal & 3 minutes later, the same lad but now with a smaller grin brought my soup.

The soup had potato, corn, celery, carrot & some coriander in it. It was surprisingly tasty and went well with the pizza. The pizza was certainly personal, no way could this little discus of goodness be shared. It was tasty & very enjoyable. The only drawback was that the pepperoni was burnt, this did not destroy the taste & barely reduced its overall delightful taste. However, it should not happen & I wonder if larger pizzas are made with scorched pepperoni.

Three stars for Pizza Hut, great staff & a bargain deal but burnt pepperoni & late soup negatively affected my memories of today’s visit.