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Popeyes at the airport

Reviewed on 2014-03-13 (Updated on 2018-08-11)

I was at the airport to pick up my friend arriving from KL. As luck would have it, his flight was delayed by hours. To fight my hunger, I decided to try Popeyes, a ‘Louisiana’ chicken serving outlet on the arrivals floor. Popeyes is part of a chain & this was to be my first ever visit.

I glanced at the menu & immediately decided on the special which was a piece of chicken, a bowl of rice & a soft drink for the very enticing price of 45,000đ. I approached the counter & my order was politely taken. Part of this interaction which impressed me was the fact that I was offered a choice of drink. This may sound finicky but most fast food places in Asia presume that a customer wants Coca-Cola & never offer anything else.

I was served my food very quickly & it looked the same as in the huge picture on display. Taste wise, the rice was very flavourless with a very starchy consistency. The chicken was juicy, fairly sized albeit a little bit salty. It was not greasy & overall I was very pleased with the chunk of breast. The Fanta was cool & wet & exactly as one would expect.

The eating area was clean & the sink with soap on hand is certainly something that I feel more eateries should have. Also, the napkins were a thicker more durable version than found elsewhere.

I shall return & am giving Popeyes 4 stars, the rice was a let down but the focus is on chicken & that was well served.