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Reunification Palace

135 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, D. 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
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Reunification Palace also known as the Indepedence Palace is a historical building located in Ho Chi Minh City. It was designed by Ngô Viết Thụ for the president of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. At the Fall of Saigon, northern troops ran the gates down with their tanks.

Reunification Palace
Reunification Palace
Reunification Palace

A piece of history

Reviewed on 2013-11-03

Reunification Palace (or Independence Palace) is one of the most fascinating attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, historically and architecturally. This place witnessed many vital historical events in the South during the Vietnam War. Especially, the moment that two tanks crashed through the main gate, which marked the end of the war in 1975. You can have a look, take some photos with the two historic tanks and enjoy an airy and open atmosphere when walking around this area.

Entering, you can see the tastefully decorated chambers with sophisticated morden Vietnamese art and crafts. There is a video viewing room where you can watch Vietnamese histrory in a variety of languages. To me, the most interesting area must be the basement with amazing networks of tunnels, a telecommunication centre and war operating room. Interestingly, there is one tunnel which stretches all the way to the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City.

I actually like the idea of sitting in the former president’s chair and have my photo taken for only 30,000đ. The location, scenery and historical Reunification Palace is truly a great place to visit. The museum opens from 11am to 4pm daily, the ticket booth closes between 11am and 1pm. Occasionally, official or charity receptions might take place.