Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam


6 Thái Văn Lung, D. 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3823 5795
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Scoozi is a pizza restaurant serving wood fired pizza in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The restaurant makes Italian style thin crust pizza with a large selection of toppings including gourmet meats and cheese. It is rumored to make some of the best pizza in town.


2 4 1 Sundays

Reviewed on 2014-07-22

There is one simple rule on Sundays, being lazy. As I am a man of principles, I planned a schedule perfectly suitable for a Sunday night: pizza, cinema.

The first restaurant that came to my mind was Scoozi Pizza, which has a Sunday offer consisting in buy one pizza get one free... on a limited selection of pizzas. Precision that needs to be done as the free pizza is a really basic one. However, pizzas are large, well-cooked in a traditional wood-oven, and the ingredients are fresh and come in abundance.

I have nothing to complain about food which was great, but the environment itself was a bit disappointing. The restaurant is located down a big office building. Therefore the open air tables are disposed a few meters only from the noisy road, while the other tables are laid-out here and there, some of them are even positioned in the building’s corridor. I will just mention as a great point the lovely open-air kitchen, which creates a cozy atmosphere

I would not say I had a bad experience there, I will probably come back. Their offer, even if limited, is a bargain, a good opportunity to try Scoozi pizza and make your own opinion about this restaurant. Compared with the other Italian restaurants of the city, Scoozi pizza has indeed some arguments to offer.