Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

The Refinery

74 Hai Bà Trưng, D. 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3823 0509
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The Refinery is situated in a small alley on Hai Bà Trưng street. This restaurant and bar provides a cozy athmosphere with excellent European cuisine uncluding French quiches and home made pasta.

The Refinery
The Refinery
The Refinery

Let's stay refined

Reviewed on 2014-04-18

I had already passed by without knowing in front of The Refinery while having diner with a friend at Hoa Túc a couple of month ago, and it is with that same friend we chose to have a “refined” lunch before she flew back to France.

I had heard many good things about this place, so I was eager to check it out.

Niched right off the busy and noisy Hai Bà Trưng street, a couple of seconds away from the Opera house, is a passage name “The Refinery”, leading to a shaded alleyway. What strikes me at first is: the silence!

The place is quite known for its gigantic salads, so that was definitely what I was going for. A quick look at the menu and one first satisfaction: the prices are very wallet-friendly.

I go for the gremolata squid salad and my friend chooses the set menu, with a starter dish and a main course, for “only” 190,000đ.

Comfortably seated in gigantic armchairs, the waitress brings this mouth watering huge bowl plate full of salad, generously filled with delicious parley and garlic squid. My friend went for the fish tartare (I had a bite and it was divine, with fried ginger and garlic) and the chicken as a main, and was very happy with her choice.

The ambiance of this place just makes you want to sit down and relax with friends, even spend the afternoon there with your laptop for a productive pleasant afternoon. A definite must try, I shall return.