Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam


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Warda is a small bar and restaurant chain with two branches in Ho Chi Minh City. The Middle Eastern decor blends well with the Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines on offer at both the branch in the downtown area and the branch in District 2.

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Made me love Lebanese food

Reviewed on 2013-12-25 (Updated on 2014-09-25)

When I found Warda my first thought was "You can really find almost every kind of cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City". It was then the only Lebanese restaurant in the city, and even as it is located right downtown, it is easy to miss as it sits at the end of a small alleyway.

The restaurant has a small outside where people often smoke shishas and two nicely decorated floors indoors. Even though I have always liked hummus, I did not think I would enjoy Lebanese food as much as I do now. My favourite dishes are: Hummus at 80,000đ, Shish Tawok at 178,000đ, Petites Merguez 95,000đ and Persian Baby Chicken at 280,000đ. The chicken here is very juicy, I still have no idea how they could make it that good but I do enjoy every piece of it.

Warda is not just a favourite spot for its Lebanese food, but also we can smoke shisha here and enjoy the cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

I normally go here for dinner, but went here for lunch today and the food is the same but the atmosphere is a bit better in the evening. So I recommend Warda for dinner any day.