Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam


166 Cống Quỳnh, D. 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3837 3248
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Zeus a Greek restaurant situated in the backpacker area of Ho Chi Minh City. Zeus provides authentic Greek dishes by a Greek chef including gyros, kebabs and steaks. Prices are very afforable, and even though its premises are small, Zeus has become a popular stop for expats in town.


Olympians eat at Zeus

Reviewed on 2014-05-06

Zeus, the father of the gods, is originally known to hurl lightning bolts at his enemies and seduce all kinds of mortal and immortal girls, much to the grief of his wife Hera. However, from now on we may associate the name of Zeus with great food as well.

Located conveniently at the traveller's area, it is my choice for delicious, Greek munchies. The lush, green painting and nice decor promises good, tasty and refreshing food with greens and stuff. And indeed, that's exactly what you get. The menu is not very extensive compared to most other places in that area, but experience has shown: The smaller the menu, the better the food usually is.

I had two filled pitas this time. One pita gyros and one chicken kalamaki, both very delicious and nicely stuffed with greens and sprinkled with a formidable tzatziki. I love tzatziki you know. On a hot and sunny day, nothing is more refreshing than that traditional yogurt-cucumber sauce. At Zeus you can actually taste that the chef himself is Greek, even if last time somebody smuggled a leaf of coriander into my pita - as a little reminder maybe, that I am not sitting a restaurant in Athens.

To be honest, I am happy to have a Greek place in the area, because the taste always brings up good memories. The price is okay as well, for my two pitas I paid 80.000đ and I left in a satisfied, relaxed state of mind (and stomach).

Zeus will definitely see me again.