Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Annam Gourmet (Thảo Điền)

41A Thảo Điền, D. 2 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 3744 2630
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This is one of the branches of Annam Gourmet Market

Annam Gourmet Market is a small chain of international grocery stores in Ho Chi Minh City. It started out as a shop offering imported food for expats, but has grown into two of the largest international grocery stores serving thousands of customers with food from around the world.

Annam Gourmet Market
Annam Gourmet Market
Annam Gourmet Market

A convenient neighborhood store

Reviewed on 2014-03-10 (Updated on 2020-08-18)

Strategically located at the prime area of downtown Thao Dien, imported goods retailer Annam Gourmet enjoys brisk business among the expat community. Selling fruits and vegetables, gourmet groceries, cheese, processed meats, organic/gluten free products, wine, alcohols, etc; the store’s display and ambience are inviting, but goes without saying that the prices range on the premium side.

The cheeses and hams seem to be the hot seller, but I usually come here for the Bob’s Red Mill organic stone ground whole wheat flour, which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere in HCMC. The fresh from rotisserieroast chicken (170,000đ) also makes a good Sunday treat; do ask for the accompanying sauce as the staff may forget about it.

As my daughter’s school is just within the walking distance, I come here occasionally for a cup of cappuccino (40,000đ) while my daughter loves the macarons (they had increased the price from 25,000đ to 30,000đ, which was disappointing).The cake and pastry corner is quite small, with 3 small tables for dine-in guests. While the baguettes and pastries are brought in fresh daily, the sliced cakes and cupcakes can be dry and unappetizing as they sat there for days in the fridge.

A word of caution for shoppers of Annam Gourmet, always check the expiry dates of products first before purchasing. Even though the goods may be expensive, it doesn’t mean they’re not going to expire in 2 months’ time. Additionally, certain cashiers need better training, as sometimes they are not even aware of the current promotion happening in the store, thus inadvertently charging customers a higher price.