Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam
Molinari Cafe
Molinari Cafe
Molinari Cafe

An open space office

Reviewed on 2014-03-08

Right at the end of Lê Duẩn and on the ground floor of the Petrol Vietnam Tower is the Café Molinari, a new and modern coffee shop with a great terrace, and 2 floors of A/C indoor sitting, providing different ambiances.

One thing I love about this city is having Wi-Fi in almost every coffee shop. It takes a “laptop working session” to a whole other level! An open space office, quiet and calm, a perfect and productive afternoon!

Although known for it's good Italian coffee, I enjoyed the "healthy drink" section on the beverage menu, and decided to try out the “Love Story”, a combination of yoghurt, honey, banana and grenadine syrup (and so it says on the menu: it will help my brain activate acumen and flexibility, besides yoghurt also helps you lose fat was definitely worth a try. The staff also speaks good English, which helped a lot when I asked for a pineapple juice without sugar!

The terrace is really nice and spacious, with big couches to relax in, and even during a hot day, wind comes in and fans are installed, so you never feel the heat. The big fountain and all the greenery around creates a zen "sound wall", with a garden and country-side feel. I didn't try the food but customers close to me had some quite interesting dishes to feast on, local Vietnamese as well as European cuisine.

Don't miss the social dance classes the coffee shop also offers; after you're done with your work and drink, there is nothing better to meet new people while learning some new dance moves!