Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Phở 24 (301 Võ Văn Ngân)

301 Võ Văn Ngân, D. Thủ Đức Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (08) 2240 3824
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This is one of the branches of Phở 24

Phở 24 is one of the largest Vietnamese restaurant chains and also one of few that has made an international expansion. It is owned by Highland's Coffee and focuses on the Vietnamese noodle soup phở, even though the menu has expanded with time.

Phở 24
Phở 24
Phở 24

Food ‘Phở’ thought

Reviewed on 2014-07-07 (Updated on 2016-11-13)

I had seen Phở 24 all over the city but had always put it down to a chain that sells a dish that I very rarely seek. I thus had low expectations when a friend suggested we go there for that ever popular Vietnamese dish, phở.

The interior was uninspired, drab and certainly dated. This is hopefully one of the original Phở 24 outlets which could then justify its worn appearance. The place is certainly in need of a revamp and a lick of paint. Putting this aside, I was impressed by the wide selection and very competitive prices on the menu. Plus, the presence of locals slurping their phở suggested that the food must be good otherwise it would be as empty as my stomach.

We ordered a chicken phở, a brisket phở & a ‘Vietnamese Four Seasons’ which is basically a selection of spring rolls & the like. The phở was priced at 49.000đ each & the selection plate was 47.000đ. The brisket was great, there was a good amount of meat in the dish & the broth had a well-seasoned taste to it. The chicken phở was equally pleasing & I was informed that the chicken is an authentic Vietnamese type, perhaps this was the reason it tasted more ‘chickeny’ than I had experienced elsewhere. The spring roll selection was satisfying, the ingredients were crispy & fresh, the dips were a perfect accompaniment. So, in summary, a very satisfying meal that was both filling and affordable.

Phở 24 gets 4 stars, the décor is certainly in need of attention but the food & service are both to a high standard.