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Joe Buckley

Joe Buckley

I've been coming back and forth to HCMC since 2007, but have lived here full time since 2013. I seem to be one of the few people in HCMC who has made a lifestyle choice to use a bicycle as their primary mode of transport. I am a writer (of articles), a student (of Vietnamese), and a teacher (of English).

When I’m not engaged in one of these pursuits, you can usually find me, in the evening, at a quán nhậu, or, during the day, using, improving - and abusing - my (bad) Vietnamese in one of the city’s many markets or cafés; I’m currently attempting the impossible task of trying to visit all of the city’s interesting cafés. While I’m aware that this is completely unachievable, I’m having great fun trying. That’s why you’ll mainly be getting café reviews from me.

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