Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

XO Tours

69/17 Nơ Trang Long, D. Bình Thạnh Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 0933 083 727
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XO Tours is a tour company offering motorbike tours where you are the passenger behind one of their drivers/tour guides. Their guides are all young females wearing the elegant Vietnamese long dress áo dài. They have gained much appreciation for original tours and friendly guides.

XO Tours
XO Tours
XO Tours

I had a terriffic time

Reviewed on 2013-11-12 (Updated on 2017-12-22)

I actually have quite a few other types of food higher up on my list than Vietnamese cuisine, so to be honest I was a bit worried to take a foodie tour in Ho Chi Minh City even though I have been living here since 2007.

After a long day at the office, I was greeted right outside by two lovely XO Tour employees in their well-known Vietnamese long dress in blue and white. They were very friendly and considerate, especially helpful when getting on and off the motorbike.

The tour took 4.5 hours, but it never got boring. I tried goat meat for the very first time and even when there were options I could not eat, such as seafood, they happily switched it for something else. The perhaps most surprising part for me as a resident was to see some new parts of the city as well.

This kind of experience is all about the people involved and I have to say that I was impressed by how well everything worked from how perfectly the tour guides spoke English to how they kept a tour group together in Saigon traffic. In the past I have always recommended a cyclo-tour for visitors, but I now believe that a motorbike-tour offers more value as you can cover more of the city and enjoy some nice food at the same time.